Custom-designed engagement rings for your soulmate

At Atelier Diamant, we handcraft exquisite, custom engagement rings at our boutique studio in Perth. Each and every ring is custom-designed in consultation with you, to ensure you receive a signature engagement ring as remarkable as your love story.

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Unique engagement rings individually crafted for you

Collaborate with us to create a unique engagement ring that captures the essence of your love story. Use our expertise in diamond grading and gemmology to assist you in selecting the perfect stone for your design, or bring your loose stones to our Perth studio for a bespoke ring setting.

Unusual & rare gemstones

We work with various precious and semiprecious gemstones such as green sapphires, iconic pink diamonds, and aquamarine, among many others. You may also bring your loose diamonds and gems to us for grading and certification.

Bespoke designs

Whether your loved one prefers a traditional engagement ring, or perhaps diamonds aren’t their thing, our bespoke designs cater to any style. After selecting the perfect stone, we set about designing a setting and band they’ll love to wear until death do you part.

gold and diamond half moon custom engagement ring perth
custom engagement ring sketches perth

Diamond engagement rings to take their breath away

Classic, timeless, and beautiful. Diamond engagement rings have long been the first choice for brides across the world for the brilliant radiance they display. We select only the finest diamonds for use in our studio, and closely inspect every stone for optimal cut, colour, clarity, and carat.


We offer full transparency when you purchase a diamond ring from us by disclosing where all our diamonds are sourced from.


As an Australian jeweller, we abide by the Kimberly Process which ensures diamonds available for purchase are free from conflict.


Feel good about your purchase knowing we only source diamonds from mines where damaging environmental impacts are minimised.

A simple and stress-free engagement ring design process

Each and every piece of jewellery we craft is handmade by us. This means your engagement ring is a true one-of-a-kind representation of your love. Our design process begins and ends with you, from the initial consultation where we get a deep understanding of your engagement ring needs and wants, through to the final product where your ideas are brought to life.

Popular Diamond Shapes

platinum round brilliant cut engagement ring perth

Round Brilliant Cut

A most popular choice, round brilliant-cut engagement rings offer few flaws and appear to radiate from within. This classic style is extremely versatile – some of our exclusive round brilliant-cut rings include yellow gold graduating halo rings, solitaire wedding bands, split scallop sets, plus many others.

cushion cut diamond engagement ring perth

Cushion Cut

Also referred to as pillow-cut diamonds, cushion cut engagement rings exhibit romance and exceptional beauty. Commonly placed within a vintage or halo setting, cushion cut diamonds are attractive and timeless. Choose a coloured gemstone as the centrepiece for a pop of colour and individuality.

oval cut diamond engagement ring perth

Oval Cut

Oval cut engagement rings are timeless and sophisticated, with this shape of diamond working well in both simple or extravagant settings. Display the oval cut diamond as the main feature in a solitaire design, or the inclusion of half-moon shoulder stones add glamour and flair.

princess cut diamond engagement ring perth

Princess Cut

Princess cut engagement rings are one of the most popular engagement ring choices in the world. With stunning brilliance and shine, these classical square-shaped diamonds offer excellent variation, although they do lend perfectly to a traditional style of ring.

teardrop cut engagement ring perth

Teardrop Cut

Flattering and graceful, teardrop engagement rings appear to elongate the wearer’s finger while displaying stunning beauty. Also known as a pear-shaped diamond, this graceful and glamorous ring works well as a simple solitaire, or within a vintage or side stone setting.

emerald cut engagement rings perth

Emerald Cut

Named for the traditional cut of emeralds, an emerald cut engagement ring is a perfect choice for vintage-inspired sophistication. Especially stunning within a rose gold or champagne setting, these emerald cut diamonds and gemstones offer a unique design.

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

platinum and diamond solitaire engagement rings perth

Solitaire Engagement Rings

In a solitaire engagement ring design, the diamond or gem is the star of the show. Doing away with glitzy and flashy settings, solitaire engagement rings offer simplicity and understated beauty, while retaining a gorgeous wow factor.

diamond halo engagement rings perth

Halo Engagement


Halo engagement rings feature a central stone encircled by one or two rings of smaller stones. This popular style enhances the appearance of the central stone and makes it appear larger. This style of engagement ring offers endless design possibilities to suit any and all tastes.

vintage engagement rings perth

Vintage Engagement Rings

For an ornate creation featuring fine details and flourishes, vintage engagement rings are an exceptional choice. Popular design elements are inspired by eras past, including Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco. Vintage-inspired designs are always a standout.

half moon diamond and gold engagement ring perth

Engagement & Wedding Ring Sets

To ensure your engagement and wedding rings match perfectly, you may choose to purchase them as a set.

Engagement rings may be crafted so the wedding band fits like a puzzle piece, or you may like both parties’ rings to feature similar elements.

See our collection of wedding rings and wedding bands for inspiration for your set.

platinum men's signet engagement ring perth

Men’s Engagement Rings

Why should the ladies get all the fun? At Atelier Diamant, we design and create stylish men’s engagement rings for the lucky guy in your life.

Our exclusive designs enable you to choose the elements they’ll love.

Go with a bold and handsome diamond in a yellow gold band, or choose an understated design for a more traditional look.

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Engagement Ring Designers

Why choose us

As passionate engagement ring designers, we love creating custom engagement rings that will be cherished for years to come. From our Shafto Lane studio in Perth, we’ll help you select the perfect diamond using our expertise and qualifications in diamond grading and gemmology.

Our service extends far beyond our studio doors — custom jewellery from Atelier Diamant includes lifetime cleaning to ensure pieces stay as magnificent as the first day they’re worn.

Book your complimentary consultation with our custom jewellers today, and let’s begin the process of bringing your design ideas and dreams to life in the form of a beautiful engagement ring.