Professional Jewellery Remodelling and Restoration

Do you own a sentimental piece of old jewellery you’d like to give a second chance? Jewellery remodelling takes your old or damaged jewellery and gemstones, and transforms them into a new treasure that more authentically showcases your style. Centrally located in Perth, we provide a comprehensive jewellery remodelling service including repairs, alterations, and refurbishments.

custom penny ring jewellery remodelling perth
remodelled gold and diamond ring jewellery remodelling perth

Jewellery Remodelling

Jewellery remodelling is a very effective and popular process of restoring old jewellery or stones into new pieces. This is achieved using masterful jewellery making techniques, where we handcraft and manipulate the stones and metals of old pieces to make stunning new creations.

We can remodel almost any kind of jewellery, with rings and family heirlooms being the most common. We work together with you to redesign a new piece and incorporate new elements into the design such as colour changes, and settings that better show off the main stone.

Ring Remodelling

By far the most popular pieces brought to us for remodelling are rings. Often passed down through generations, ring remodelling allows you to retain the sentimental value and history of your piece while mixing in modern elements to create a style that suits your personality.

We understand how important these pieces can be, and we always handle your precious items with the utmost care and sensitivity. Seeing a precious piece that perhaps hasn’t been worn in some time be given a second chance is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience.

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Trust Atelier Diamant With Your Jewellery Remodels

As professional jewellery makers and designers, we have a deep appreciation for the sentimental value and meaning of jewellery. We treat every single piece in our studio with care and respect both for your item, your budget, and your peace of mind.

We’ll never suggest alterations or redesigns where we aren’t 100% confident we can execute the design effectively. Trust us with your jewellery for a relaxing, empowering and exciting jewellery remodel experience.

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