Custom Designed Men’s Jewellery Perth

Our custom-designed men’s jewellery combines substance and style to produce signature pieces that show off your personality. Centrally located in Perth, we’re experts in custom jewellery and we work collaboratively with you to curate your perfect piece.

We work with the finest materials including platinum and gold, as well as precious and semiprecious stones. From men’s earrings, rings, and wedding bands to cuff links and dress rings, you’ll achieve an item that sets you apart.

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Men’s Rings

For special occasions or everyday wear, our men’s rings are skillfully crafted by hand. We’re able to design any style of ring, with the most popular choices being dress rings, family crest rings, signet rings, and cigar rings. Keep a simple design for a practical, sleek appearance or include a gemstone that’s significant to you for deeper sentimental value.

gold men's ring custom men's jewellery

Men’s Signet Rings

Men’s signet rings traditionally featured a family crest or seal branded on the face of the ring, which was then dipped in hot wax to sign important documents and seal envelopes. Your signet ring may be embellished with your family crest or symbolic gemstone, or simply left unadorned.

platinum cigar ring men's custom jewellery

Men’s Cigar Rings

Named for their resemblance to the paper band used on cigars to differentiate between bands, cigar rings mimic this appearance when worn. A popular choice for vintage style wedding rings, cigar rings are versatile and customisable — perfect for the sophisticated gentleman in your life.

platinum ring custom men's jewellery

Men’s Platinum Rings

Platinum is a top choice for men’s rings because of its everlasting qualities and striking white finish. Forget about fading, tarnishing, or colour changes, platinum is one of the most durable precious metals available and is 30 times rarer than gold.

gold dress ring men's jewellery

Men’s Dress Rings

Special occasions call for special ornaments. Men’s dress rings may be worn as wedding bands on special occasions, or in addition to the traditional band. Create a ring truly personal to you, with your choice of metals, stones, and engravings, as well as countless other design options.

Men’s Wedding Rings &
Engagement Rings

Traditionally very plain and simple, men’s wedding rings and wedding bands are increasingly featuring more ornate and elaborate design elements. Your wedding band is for life, so it’s important we create something that truly shows off your personality.

Whether you have a clear image in mind of your ideal wedding ring, or you need help with your creation, we’re here every step of the way. As qualified diamond graders and gemmologists, we can provide expert advice to you about your diamond or stone selection, and offer alternative band design suggestions.

The beauty of a custom wedding ring is the potential for the inclusion of special and individual elements that truly represent your love story. You may also choose to design your wedding ring as a set, either with an engagement ring or your partner’s ring. This creates a cohesive look for both you and your partner, and certainly shows off your deep connection.

Men’s Earrings

There’s no reason why men’s earrings have to be boring plain studs! We handmake bespoke men’s earrings in consultation with you to create a piece you’ll love. Bring your own loose stones for a stunning stud setting, or choose your favourite stone from our top-quality selection.

Men’s Necklaces

Allow us to create you a personalised, custom-designed necklace you’ll love wearing. Our men’s necklaces are designed with you to ensure you receive a bespoke piece truly unique to you. Choose your favourite style and materials and let your imagination run wild.

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